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Rat pictures under Copyleft in "Real-Live"

This is a concrete project for the use of the rat pictures under Copyleft.

After recieving an inquiry from the project managers of "Projekt-Kopfkino", they were looking for a large number of rat pictures for their free of charge Pen-&-Paper Roleplaying Game called "RATTEN", I was able to help them. Having many years of experience in Photography, especially with Rats, and with a collection of several hundred pictures on my storage disk, I was able to offer a large variety of pictures, and make them available. I have put them online into the gallery so that all interested users can take a look at them, and also download for use by Copyleft.
This project is also for me a little tribute to the actual actors - the rest of my collective - Sigurd, Toshi, Shino, Shaun, Attila, Wandalbert and Burli Hoppenstedt and all the rats which have already left me towards the rainbow bridge.

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If you would like to take part in the Pen-&-Paper Roleplaying Game "RATTEN", if you would like to have more information about the creative minds of this game or if you would simply like to have more background information to this project, the following links should certainly help you.

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